Graduate Education 

There are both Doctoral and Masters Programs in the United States have some focused training on Medical Family Therapy. These programs focus on different aspects of coursework, clinical training/internship, specialization/concentration/track, and/or degrees. Click below to find masters programs or doctoral programs with Medical Family Therapy training. 

Internship and Fellowship Opportunities

Internship/Fellowships available in MedFT include integrated care clinical work, teaching in medical and clinical settings, and research. These fellowship are both pre and post doctoral. 


In January 2018 AAMFT published Competencies for Family Therapists Working in Healthcare Settings. This included 6 domains of competency that include systems; biological, psychological, social, and spiritual; collaboration; leadership; ethics; and diversity. These areas of competency are all separated into sections of clinical skills, training and supervision, healthcare management and policy, and scholarship. The questions considered when developing these competencies were: (a) What are the global domains that you believe are essential for family therapist working in a healthcare context?; (b) What competencies do you believe a family therapist working in a healthcare context should possess or demonstrate under [name of domain]? This document provides information on each of the domains as well as the competencies in each section as well. The published document describing the competencies and process for development of them can be found at: